The evolution of the successful smartphone, now with a waterproof body and USB Type-C
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The evolution of the successful smartphone, now with a waterproof body and USB Type-C
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Samsung E1200 Mobile Phone ReviewSamsung E1200 is a phone that is not impressive by either cameras megapixels or processors gigahertz, or memorys gigabytes. But it is compact, lightweight, does not discharge during a day and performs the main function making voice calls. Yes, we have a "simple" mobile phone - a rare hero of the reviews in the era of smartphone production. Thats why its especially interesting to see what a brand-name manufacturer offers as a simple mobile phone today, and the most important thing - for what price.


Creative Sound Blaster Z sound card reviewThe market of consumer sound cards is declining rapidly. It is caused both by falling of sales of desktop computers, and improvement of quality of onboard chips motherboards sound, including those from laptop. However, there is a category of users who are not willing to pay crazy money for unnecessary professional sound, but who still want to get a high quality sound. For them Creative company continues to produce its famous series of Sound Blaster. The Sound Blaster Z is the latest and the most affordable solution in the line.


Samsung Galaxy Gear: Smartwatch at High PriceThe Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch appearance on the market became a noisy and pompous event. The company did its utmost to boost the device. Naturally, the watch can offer broad functionality, which is, indeed, unusual for a device of such a type. On the other hand, does an average user really need all these functions? Can anyone of us find a place for a smartwatch? Or wed rather continue on with our Tissot/Swatch/Casio and smartphones of all types? To get to know more about the smartwatch use, its advantages and disadvantages read the detailed review further down.


HP Slate 7 is a 7-inch Android 4 Tablet PC with good soundIn the recent time Hewlett-Packard Company has been searching the ways to get to the mobile devices market. The webOS attempt happened to be unsuccessful, still HP didnt give up on the idea and as a result the HP Slate 7 appeared in April 2013. The company made right decision choosing the trend of inexpensive tablet PCs and directly headed for that market segment. The competition there is quite an intense one, yet Slate 7s offers agreeable price and sometimes really interesting solutions. The companys device has enough performance and good screen parameters. However, there are evident disadvantages as well. For the detailed description see the following review.


Logitech Cube Review. Stylish Wireless Mouse and PresenterThe Logitech Company in the first hand known to the domestic consumer by its keyboards and mice. However, the product range of the company has quite unusual devices as well. For example, Logitech Cube presenters that were first shown at the beginning of this year at CES 2012. The new product arose quite of an interest, still at the present moment, one we acquainted with it closer several drawbacks become evident. Firstly, it is just inconvenient to use the device in the mouse function. On the other hand the device is a really good presenter.

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